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Shrink Wrap


Shrink wrap, it’s used material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it’s shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. Heat can be applied with a handheld heat gun (electric), or the product and film can pass through a heat tunnel on a conveyor.

It is waterproof and tamper proof and providing greater protection for your products. Besides, there is no restriction on size to shrink wrap products also


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ballooning
    Shrink wrap ballooning happens when the shrink film is exposed to hot air. The air inside of the bag expands and causes the shrink film to puff out causing a pillow effect.

  2. Splitting
    Sometimes, the seals around the product can split and can be one of the costliest issues. If this happens, it is important that it is resolved immediately as if it splits, it can result in damage to your product as well as slipping out of the packaging and being tampered with. Splitting often happens when the shrink wrap film is not thick enough, or even if the roll of film you are using is not good enough.

  3. Fish Eyes
    Fish eyes are when round patterns appear in the
    film after it has been shrunk and occurs when it has been shrunk poorly. This usually happens when there has been a lack of heat, so it is important to check the heating element of your machine. However, this can also be caused by bad air velocity, and when the heat source is not pushing enough air when applying the heat which makes the film shrink evenly.

  4. Angel Hair
    Angel hair is a very minor issue which happens when very thin strands of melted plastic stretch the product sealed part of the shrink wrap film. This usually happens when the film doesn’t have enough time to be completely cut and then the film stretches off the wire. Additionally, it can also occur by the conveyor speed, and if the sealer is opened to quickly, it doesn’t seal correctly.

  5. Dog Ears
    Dog ears can often be seen around the corners of the packaging and are triangular bulges which resemble dog ears! These are extremely common
    and can happen for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that there is insufficient shrinkage of the film which is caused by the corners not shrinking enough.

Most of our shrink wrap film can be recycled. We are working closely with waste management company to manage our waste and excess recycled shrink film

  • Shrink Film: A film that is sealed around a product and then heated to shrink to the product.
  • Stretch Film: A film that is stretched and wrapped around a load. The stretch film then creates tension around the load and keeps it from shifting while being transported.